domo arigato, mister roboto

i have a big birthday coming up. it’s not until september, but it’s already playing about the edges of my mind. it’s an age that ends in 0 and may or may not mean i am DEFINITELY a grown up.


anyway, if some beloved friend or family member wanted to buy me a supercalifragilistic birthday gift, i would suggest a MANNER’S MINDER aka dog training robot

it looks like this

i have so far spent a good amount of money on raffle tickets at flyball tournaments and placed ALL my tickets into the bag for the Manners Minder and i still don’t have one. at this point, i would feel pretty dumb just buying it for myself because of the amount i’ve already spent trying to win the damn thing. i know, my logic is sketchy, just stay with me.

It’s available, among other places, from our good friends over at

BIRTHDAY GIFT!! 🙂 to offset the grimness of an age ending in 0. just puttin’ it out there.


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