another fur fun adventure

we are on a road trip to texas! our chevy 15 passenger van (aka honey’sbus) is loaded down with 9 dogs, a flyball box, 3 crazy girls, and all our junk; a small platoon of fur funnies on our way to the reliant flyball tourney in houston, TX. leerie is meeting us there (he’s judging and flying in tonight to judge friday-sat-sunday). our fur fun teams are racing until saturday. tonight we will stay in montgomery, AL, then finish the drive tomorrow. road trip buddies are penny and erin. dogs making the trip are dexter, visa, hotblack, scandal, badabing, june, cameo, sonic and tony.

we are all pretty excited for this trip. we have some great flyball friends in texas, including former fur fun team member, Linda May. our buddies on top dog racers will be there (and i am extremely excited to maybe pick the brain of the incomparable pam martin about visa’s freestyle dancing routine). joining us on our open team is heather weir and davis. true story…….back when heather lived in VA and ran with k9kamikazes, davis stayed with me for a month and i taught her to play flyball. dave thomas and his smokin golden, ginny are going to play on our open team too. it should be a blast
we’re really looking forward to racing against some different teams and some fast division 1 teams. although we don’t *quite* have our A team (danno couldn’t make the trip so Badabing will be running in start in stead of stetson), we still should be able to run well enough to be competitive in R1.

i leave you with a picture of that iconic landmark, “the great chapped ass in the sky”

that's a pretty big butt


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One Response to another fur fun adventure

  1. leerie says:

    Gaffney SC’s most famous landmark (or do they have a giant ball of twine there too?).

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