our big ass trip to texas part 2

on friday, our journey continued, and we made it through mississippi, and louisiana without incident.

penny and julie & the super professional "Texas or Bust" sign

early in the day, i realized that perhaps my shirt that reads “You can’t spell fur fun without a couple of FUs” wasn’t the best wardrobe decision ever made. understand this; i carefully plan my wardrobe out for dog weekends. this weekend, we were all planning to wear our new jerseys on saturday, and our coconut classic shirts sunday. the FU shirt is so awesome, i wanted it to at least make an appearance, i knew we’d get to reliant before racing was over on friday, so i put it on friday morning. clearly, i was not thinking that we had a WHOLE DAY OF DRIVING AND STOPPING AT REST AREAS on friday before getting to houston. every single place we stopped, people STARED at my shirt and turned away with puzzled/mildly offended expressions.
when we stopped in louisiana (which, by the way, was hands down the best state welcome center we encountered) the cute little lady behind the desk felt she needed to read it out loud. when she got to the end, instead of F-U’s, she said foo foos. then she had to hear all about flyball (oh it’s so much fun to explain it). she was cute as a button

the coffee was great, and the welcome committee was friendly indeed

Penny and Erin posing at the nicest welcome area of our trip

for the rest of the day, i did my best to keep my purse in front of me or my arms crossed. sometimes it’s just not worth explaining.

we stopped for lunch at an AWESOME local seafood place in louisiana called Crawfishtown USA. not too far off the highway, and luckily they had a drive thru (leaving 9 dogs in a van in louisiana in july is NOT an option). we all got po-boys (shrimp, oyster, soft shell crab) and MAN, they tasted like they’d been swimming around the bayou earlier in the day. so fresh and delicious, what a treat!

i think i see lunch swimming down there

this place gets 5 stars from the fur fun girls

the strangest thing we saw in louisiana was a place called Restroom Suites. it was actually attached to a gas station. it was a place you PAY to use the public toilet. the owner, exceptionally creepy man who told us all about how NICE it was, and how, as women, surely we appreciated a public restroom with real towels and that got cleaned after every use. ONLY $5 to pee in luxury! and we can TOUR it for FREE! and here’s a brochure all about it, this is actually the first one, but he really thinks it’s gonna take off and have lots of locations soon.
we failed to get a picture of this because of the high creep factor and wanting to escape from what surely was a hidden camera in the bathroom operation. eeewww.

at last, we made it to texas, and one big ass lone star at the welcome center greeted us.

welcome to texas, y'all

we did make it to Reliant park in time to catch the very end of racing and unload and set-up all our paraphernalia. always better to do that in the afternoon rather than the morning. erin and penny did some shopping and i had the pleasure of spending a little time with pam martin. got to watch while she trained her own dog some (the incredibly eagle, hotblack’s uncle/hero) and then she watched visa and i do a few little musical freestyle tidbits. pam gave me some excellent pointers, can’t wait to get back to working our routine. thanks, pam! (whispered aside, stay tuned for news of Pam Martin seminars right here in central NC)
After racing wrapped for friday, we drove back to stay at Sam and Terri’s gorgeous house. they were wonderful hosts, not only running the tournament, but putting up a rowdy crowd of girls and dogs in pink. thanks for the great hospitality, y’all.
we all turned in on friday night, excited for our first day of racing in texas. if we only knew……….to be continued!


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