Vote for Honey!

my sheltie, Scandal (her friends call her honey), is nominated for MVP of region 9 this year. here are some reasons YOU should vote for her. if you aren’t a club owner in region 9, i encourage you to badger anyone you know who IS a club owner in region 9, until they surrender, i mean see the light, and reckanize scandal as the nominee most deserving of their votes.

photo by alise baer

10. she’s a sheltie and she kicks ass
while shelties often make stellar agility dogs, they are not typically as successful in flyball. i think there are a few aspects of the game that are extra challenging for them. it’s often very loud and lots of shelties are noise sensitive. many of them are softer and more sensitive than border collies, terriers, and retrievers……..flyball can be scary at times. a crash, or a dog crossing over can totally shut some dogs down forever. that’s not to say there aren’t a few dynamite shelties who play the game with speed, consistency, and longevity; but they are few and far between.

9. She’s a height dog
not just a height dog, but one of tremendous value to her team. scandal jumps 9″, though she raced half her career over 10″, before the NAFA rule change of -4″ to -5″.

8. she is a valuable multi breed dog
seems like every MB team has a mix and a BC, right? other standard speedy breeds like whippets, malinois and dutch shepherds are common to the MB class, especially on the more competitive divisions. on fur fun, we really love fielding a multi 1 team and trying to be competitive. as a height dog AND an odd breed, scandal has been very valuable to our multibreed teams.

7. she has her own bus

Hny'sbus: the ultimate flyball vehicle

anyone who plays flyball in region 9 has seen honey’s bus.  it’s a flyball bus for honey, all her friends and family, and all her stuff.  she is the smallest dog in a household of 9, but the bus belongs to her.  if elected MVP, she wants to put a bus in every driveway;)

6.  she is FAST!
flyball is a race and speed counts, right? scandal’s best time is 4.32 (set over 10″ when she was a smokin’ young thing). she was the height dog for the first Fur Fun team (and region 15 team) to break 17.00. 3 border collies and scandal ran a 16.88.

5.  she’s a champ

scandal has raced on regional championship teams (Regular and/or Multibreed) in 3 different NAFA regions for the last 8 years.   she has over 70,000 NAFA points

4.  she’s a old but she’s still gots what it takes

even at the age of 11, scandal can still run full time and keep posting sub 5 times.  she is a valuable dog who can help fill out a veterans team and add speed to slower line-ups.  she can back up a green dog and sit out if they start running brilliantly, or run full time while they use warm-up time to get going.

3.  that girl can eat

for a long time, scandal has wanted to enter the world of competitive eating.  she would certainly dominate any head to head contest that involves eating, begging, or general scrounginess.

2.   it took alot of hard work, but she learned to really RACE

when we first started her in flyball, scandal ran wild, literally.  she was a crosser.  you know you’ve seen crossing shelties before……usually it’s the wild and crazy driven shelties, who just can’t stand the dog in the other lane running a little ahead of them and they just HAVE TO CROSS and go give that dog hell.  i operated on the philosophy that if i wanted my sheltie to be fast, she was never wrong.  unsophisticated? certainly.  effective?  eventually!  it took a while, alot of patience, and quite a few lost heats, but scandal emerged on the other end as a reliable flyball dog who with an intensely competitive streak.  she turned on extra speed to race the dog in the other lane and in her day, she usually won.

1. she is portable, agreeable, and happy to run for anyone

every team has had it happen; team member with a personal issues, injured or sick dogs, car trouble.  there are a million ways your line-ups can fall apart the day before a tournament.  fur fun is lucky to have a dog like scandal who is small (easy to add to a packed car) gets along with other dogs (perfectly fine going on a road trip with a group of dogs who aren’t her regular crew) and has no issue running for different handlers.  she is always there when the team needs a height dog or a vets dog, or a multibreed dog, even if her folks are indisposed at the time:)  she is easy to manage and easy to handle, easy to integrate into any line-up, easy to pass.

scandal will be racing at Doggone Fast in september and Can Am in october.  stop by and meet her and watch her race, better yet, feed her a cookie!

those are some reasons *i* think you should vote for honey.  i gotta thank kate wentz for writing a wonderful nomination and sharon harrell for officially nominating her on behalf of new river rapids.  you can read nominations for all the regional MVPs  at



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2 Responses to Vote for Honey!

  1. Dede says:

    If my club was in Region 9 Scandal would get all our votes!! I didn’t even mind losing some thigh skin, I enjoyed running her so much. She’s the flyball sheltie all other flyball shelties aspire to be. 🙂

  2. Roberta says:

    What Dede says is so true! My hope for my young sheltie is that she run like Scandal.

    And please add to Julie’s arguments that shelties have structural issues that make running fast in flyball a challenge for them – very poor fronts making single striding impossible. I think that’s a big part of why they excel in agility and not flyball. There is no compensating for poor structure in flyball with brains or consistency.

    Scandal is exceptional! And this is coming from a VERY proud owner of a sheltie FGDCH 40K.

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